Two trans Netflix employees file unfair labour practices complaint

The concerned employees were suspended for trying to attend a director-level meeting, but were later re-instated


The scuffle between Netflix and its employees takes another turn as a couple of its protesting trans employees file a complaint with the National Labour Relations Board (NRLB), alleging unfair labour practices in the Company. They have further alleged that the Company had retaliated against them because of their engagement in the walkout protest by a group of employees against Netflix’s streaming of comedian Dave Chapelle’s comedy special, The Closer.

The employees said in the complaint that the Company engaged in the activity to quell employees for speaking about the Company’s culture and the impact of its product choices on the LGBTQ+ community.

B. Pagels-Minor, a Black trans programme manager at Netflix, was fired earlier. The Company alleges that Pagels-Minor leaked confidential information of the Company to the press.

Terra Field, a trans software engineer, was also suspended. The Company maintains that the two were suspended for trying to attend a director-level meeting, which they weren’t supposed to. They have, however, been re-instated. They had posted a viral twitter thread criticising the Company’s decision to stream Chapelle’s latest special, saying that the comedian has attacked the trans community and the validity of “transness”.

The Company, however, denies the allegations, saying that the actions against the employees in question were not taken for either speaking up or participating in the walk out.

The employees’ attorney, Laurie Burgess, released a statement saying that the charge is a collective action, which aims to support colleagues who speak up about things they care for.

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