Rs 2.60 cr. severance pay for some laid-off Google staff


As per a report by the Sunday Times, some of the former Google employees at its Ireland location may receive severance packages worth €300,000, which is equivalent to around ?2.60 crore. The tech giant laid off 12000 employees earlier this year, citing the struggling global economy and increasing inflation.

Among the 12000 employees, 240 of them were associated at its Ireland location. Among these, 85 were from the sales department, 80 were from the technical team, and 75 were from the support services. The job cuts amounted to 4.3 per cent of Google’s workforce in Ireland, which was previously 5,500 employees strong.

If the report is to be believed, the severance package being offered could consist of six weeks’ worth of wages for every year the employee worked at the company. Additionally, the report indicated that employees who had worked for the company for a long time (since its inception in 2003, preferably) might be eligible for a substantial severance package.

Previously, Sundar Pichai, CEO, Google, expressed his remorse about the layoffs, and sent an email to affected employees containing information about severance packages. The packages were consistent with local regulations which was also published on the company’s website. For instance, the employees who were laid off in the US would be compensated for the complete notification period, which had a minimum duration of 60 days.

Additionally, they would be provided with six months of healthcare, job placement services, and assistance with immigration matters. The email further stated that a severance package would be offered, beginning with 16 weeks’ worth of salary, and an additional two weeks for every year the employee had worked at Google. At least 16 weeks’ worth of GSU (Google Stock Unit) vesting would also be expedited. The employees would receive their 2022 bonuses and any remaining vacation time they had accrued as well.

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