Indian Railways to get a whistleblower website for 14 lakh employees


It will allow any employee across levels and functions to anonymously report any safety lapses.

Indian Railways can be compared to a small country. Its 14 lakh employees exceed the population of Bahrain or Mauritius.

Managing such a large base of employees, spread across even the remotest parts of the country, can be a huge challenge. There could be a gateman sleeping on duty or a trackman not doing proper maintenance checks. The fact remains, that one small act of negligence can cost hundreds of lives.

To handle this massive workforce, which will also improve the safety levels of passengers, the Indian Railways is all set to launch a whistleblower website for its employees. It will allow any employee across levels and functions to report any safety lapses without revealing their identity.

Many a time employees refrain from reporting such incidents fearing backlash, which could cost their jobs.

Ashwani Lohani

Ashwani Lohani, chairman, Railways Board, says, “It is called ‘universal reporting mechanism’.”

The website is expected to be up and running by March. The aim is to turn every Railway employee into the eyes and ears of the administration to ensure the safety of passengers.

Lohani agrees that there could be false alarms as well, but then he believes that the system will at least lead to immediate safety checks.

Lohani, who was previously with Air India, had launched a similar portal for the state-owned airline’s employees.


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