Tesla CEO uses social media to hire for his Autopilot team

Elon Musk had hired Ashok Elluswamy, who is now director of Autopilot Software, through social media


The director of Autopilot Software at Tesla was actually hired by Elon Musk, CEO, Tesla through social media! Yes, Musk has revealed in a tweet that eight years ago, Ashok Elluswamy was the first hire, as a result of his tweet that announced Tesla’s intention to create an Autpilot team.

Elluswamy, an electronics and communication engineering graduate from the College of Engineering Guindy, Chennai and postgraduate in robotics system development from Carnegie Mellon University, is now the director of Autopilot Software.

Musk is known for his crazy tweets. Being very active on social media, he often puts up posts regarding available positions. A month ago, he had tweeted that the American electric vehicle (EV) company is on the lookout for artificial intelligence (AI) engineers with the ability to solve problems via AI. He had also shared the link to be used to apply.

The website further elaborated that the AI and Autopilot unit at Tesla is equipped to develop and deploy “autonomy at scale in vehicles, robos and more.”

The EV manufacturer was, at the time, looking for people to “develop and deploy code foundations, Dojo chip, Dojo systems, FSD chip, neural networks, autonomy algorithms, evaluation infrastructure and Tesla bot employed for running Tesla’s self-driving software and other technologies.

Musk had created a stir on Twitter last month when he mentioned that he was considering quitting his job to become an influence.

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