IT employees in India highly stressed

A significant number of the affected employees have less than 4 years of work experience.


While it is natural for those in the information technology (IT) sector to be anxious about the future with so much of downsizing happening across organisations, it is interesting to learn that about 42 per cent of those stressed are freshers with very little experience. What is even more interesting is that a majority of them are stressed due to reasons other than their work or job.

Talent lifecycle-management company, SCIKEY, recently undertook a study of about 10,117 IT employees across 10 states of India. The respondents belonged to the 22 to 47 age group, and were mainly software developers, tech support executives, project managers, support engineers, business developers, digital marketres, UI/UX engineers, and those working in IT infrastructure and associated roles.

While over 25 per cent of IT employees are highly stressed, more than 50 per cent of them are employees with 0 to 4 years of experience. Also, most of the stress was being caused due to family matters and issues that were not related to work. Of those who were anxious due to family problems (more than 79 per cent), about 41 per cent were found to be emotionally weak, and more than 50 per cent lacked self-drive.

About 73 per cent were stressed out due to an uncomfortable workplace, where they were disturbed by team politics, work pressure, long working hours, lack of appreciation/recognition, and the inability to fit in. About 60 per cent were stressed due to being constantly exposed to technology.

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