Mumbai folks put the longest hours at work: Study


With weekly working hours of 43.7 hours, Mumbai is just behind Hong Kong with 50.1 weekly working hours

A recent study by the Swiss Bank, UBS reveals that the Indian city to top the list of working hours amongst 77 other cities across the world, is Mumbai. Leaving behind New Delhi, Mumbai not only emerges as the city that works the longest hours in India but takes the second place globally, after Hong Kong. With weekly working hours of 43.7 hours, Mumbai is just behind Hong Kong with 50.1 weekly working hours.

New Delhi ranks fourth with 42.6 weekly working hours as per the report, following Mexico City in the third spot with 43.5 weekly working hours. The survey also found that there is no limit for maximum working hours in India and no guaranteed minimum annual leave.

Interestingly, the report also revealed that despite working so much, Mumbai or Delhi cannot still as easily afford the must-haves for millennials across the world. For instance, a New Yorker can afford an iPhone X with 54 hours of work, whereas for someone working in Mumbai, the cost of this iPhone is equivalent to 917 hours wages. Also, if rental expense is factored in, cost of living in Mumbai is 46 percent that of New York.

As per the data presented in the report, even in terms of hourly earnings, Geneva, Zurich and Luxemborg top the list whereas Mumbai ranks second last at number 76, only ahead of Cairo. Even African cities like Nairobi and Laos rank higher than Mumbai on the average earnings table.

For the study, UBS looked at 15 professions that replicate the natural workforce composition of a European country. Zurich is still the most expensive in the report’s ranking (including and excluding rent both), and Luxembourg tops for purchasing power (gross hourly pay). Interestingly one of the world’s most expensive cities, Hong Kong, is at the bottom when it comes to cost of goods that millennials aspire for.


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