Over 18.5 lakh employed in Chhattisgarh under MNREGA, despite lockdown

The state has managed to top in terms of implementation of the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MNREGA)


While more than 77.85 lakh workers have managed to receive a source of livelihood under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MNREGA) across the country, Chhattisgarh alone has provided employment to over 18.5 lakh. What makes this achievement even bigger is the fact that this figure has been accomplished despite the lockdown!

This is the best performance by any state in India so far. About 77,85,990 workers have benefited from MNREGA in the country, and Chhattisgarh accounts for about 24 per cent of the national participation of the workers, which is laudable. The state has provided work to about 18,51,536 workers, even amidst the crisis-related constraints.

Rajasthan follows Chhattisgarh in second position, having provided livelihood to more 10.79 lakh workers. Uttar Pradesh comes in a close third having employed over nine lakh workers under MNREGA and West Bengal occupies fourth position with over seven lakh employed under the Scheme.

Of course Chhattisgarh’s success is also attributed to the active support of the Gram Panchayats, who are offering relief measures to the labourers, even while adhering to social distancing and hygiene norms.

This is definitely going to contribute significantly to the revival of the country’s economy, which has taken a beating due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Considering the fact that many of the bigger states in India have been unable to achieve even 50 per cent of what Chhattisgarh has managed to do in terms of employment under MNREGA, this is truly commendable.

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