Pay salaries to staff and revoke terminations’, AICTE tells colleges/institutions

The stand-alone institutions have been told not to take fees from students for the lockdown period.


The All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE) has issued a mandate that the salaries of faculty members in colleges and institutions across India have to be paid for the lockdown period. It has claimed that many institutions have not paid salaries to their staff and faculty members and have terminated the services of many. The Council has clarified that the salaries and other dues will be released for the duration of the lockdown, and all terminations carried out will be revoked.

The Council’s directive was issued in response to the advice by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) that AICTE should take necessary measures to ensure the well-being of the students and faculty members in institutions across the country, in light of the recent extension of the lockdown till May 3. In response, AICTE has issued guidelines and instructed the institutions to follow health and safety measures for its staff and students. The responsibility of safeguarding all stakeholders of these institutions will lie with the heads of these very institutions.

In addition, it has asked the stand-alone institutions to refrain from asking students to pay their fees during this time, including admission fees, till the ongoing lockdown is lifted and normalcy is restored.

The Council has clarified that it will issue revised guidelines and communications for the same in due course.

A letter to the chief secretaries of the States and Union Territories has been issued to comply with the guidelines mentioned above. Colleges and institutions have been directed to post the guidelines on their website and communicate the same to the students.

For the students, it has been clarified that online classes and examinations will continue for the current semester and a revised academic calendar will be issued by the UGC or AICTE in due course. Moreover, for the students who are unable to pursue their summer internships from home, the Council has advised that they pursue the same later this year, in December.

All educational institutions have been asked to strictly follow the above instructions or face the consequences as per the rules laid down.

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