Edtech firm locks employees in; netizens call it infuriating

Gurugram-based company locks employees inside the building preventing them from leaving without consent


In a shocking incident, an Indian edtech company locked its employees inside the office building to prevent them from leaving. In a viral video, the watchman outside the office building can be seen locking the doors to prevent employees leaving without any authorisation. The video has created quite a buzz on the internet, generating great amount of criticism.

The video was shared by an edtech entrepreneur, Ravi Handa, who had a chat with the watchman of the office building. The watchman mentioned that one of the supervisors had asked him to stop the employees who were leaving without his consent.

In the shared video, Handa expressed his astonishment at Indian edtech founders who are reportedly resorting to extreme measures like physically confining their employees. Handa remarked that such actions would be considered unthinkable in any other country, urging individuals to leave the country if necessary.

Handa later shared a tweet identifying the company’s name as ‘Coding Ninjas’, which is a Gurugram based company that provides class teaching faculty and a state-of-art learning platform for Coding education with IIT faculty.

After getting much criticism from social media, the company released a statement clarifying the whole incident. According to the statement, it emphasised that the incident that occurred two weeks ago was a result of unfortunate behaviour exhibited by an employee at one of their office locations. However, the company swiftly resolved the issue as soon as the employee acknowledged his mistake and apologised for the inconvenience caused. The founders personally extended their apologies to each employee affected by the incident and expressed their regret regarding the situation.

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