Bioderma, a NAOS brand, implements 4.5-day work week in UAE & India

 The new employee-centric ecosystem will start from December 202


Introducing a renewed sense of culture in the workspace, NAOS- a dermocosmetic brand, India, has announced a 4.5-day workweek module. The new employee-centric ecosystem will start from December 2022 in the UAE and India.

The company stated that the Pandemic led to changes in social behaviours and trends across sectors and industries, inducing a new mindset at the workplace.

Sharing her thoughts on the new module, Sony R. Kadavil, hr head, NAOS India said, “We invest in people in terms of comfort, freedom, and openness to express, so that they in-turn invest in the organization. At NAOS, we believe in human care first, irrespective of them being our internal or external customers. We will continue to prioritize it in the future too whilst making sure that simplicity, honesty, learning, and work transparency continue to be the core of our organisation.”

An employee at NAOS is required to clock in for a minimum of nine hours each day, with the clock-in time ranging from 8:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. The regulations addressing flexibility of work hours are being introduced based on the comfort of the employees even if their 9-hour work regime is still in place. In addition to their brand concept of prioritising human care, NAOS India had also reduced the work hours for staff living at locations during the rainy season by 1-2 hours.

Commenting on the new policy, Sanjay Sahu, MD, NAOS India said, “As a proud Naossian, our mission is to love, understand and care for living things. It’s important for us all to cherish and live up to our fundamentals of eco-biology, authenticity and continue to keep up a people-centric approach.”

Sahu also explains that, “NAOS India is surging ahead year-on-year because of our committed employees and differentiated strategies.” He adds that, “Our strong values of honesty, fairness, bravery, and transparency has helped us unleash our true potential and we are certain that our employees who are the very core of our organization will continue to do so whilst having fun, learning, and growing with the organization.”

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