State governments promise mass-scale jobs for unemployed


The Gujarat and Punjab governments plan to create employment opportunities for 9 lakh and 25 lakh youth, respectively.

The state governments of Gujarat and Punjab have some ambitious plans for the jobless, in their endeavour to create employment opportunities for the youth.

The Gujarat government plans to recruit 30,000 new people for government jobs. In addition, it will arrange jobs for four lakh people through Rozgaar Melas (recruitment fairs), while simultaneously creating self-employment opportunities for nearly two lakh youth through various schemes. Its plan is to generate employment opportunities for 9 lakh youth, on the whole.

In Gujarat, those who get into a private job will be paid a monthly stipend. Under the Mukhyamantri Apprenticeship Scheme, graduates will be paid Rs 3,000 per month, diploma-holders Rs 2,000, and others Rs 1,500.

The Gujarat Government also plans to support 50,000 skilled and semi-skilled workers and micro and small entrepreneurs in rural areas by giving tool assistance with interest subvention up to six per cent. An additional two per cent will be given to SCs, STs and divyangs.

All of these initiatives are part of its budget for 2018–2019.

Meanwhile, the Punjab Government is also working to provide jobs and employment to the youth of the state and has set an ambitious target of 25 lakh jobs and employment avenues in five years.

It is inviting a large number of companies to participate in job fairs. It is also motivating all the small, medium and large industrial units of the state to join these fairs and offer jobs to the youth of Punjab.

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