Zomato delivery boys allege injustice, protest in Mangaluru

The Company has been accused of going back on its promises and setting unrealistic targets for delivery boys.


Just when residents of Mangaluru were getting used to the convenience of home delivery of food, the delivery boys of Zomato gathered to raise their voice against the Company’s high targets and inappropriate benefits.

Apparently, Zomato had assured its staff great benefits and easier targets when the operations had begun in Mangaluru. But with time, the Company not only made the targets tougher but also reduced the benefits that were promised.

While initially the target was of 18 deliveries per day per full-time worker, the same was hiked to 22 within a few months of launch of operations. Things got worse with incentives being doled out only if the delivery boys agreed to do 26 deliveries a day. The discontented staff also complained that they end up paying for the fuel required for long-distance deliveries.

In addition, Zomato has reportedly cut down on the perks that were initially promised, due to ‘technical reasons’.

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