Wipro increases campus hiring in India and local hiring in the US

The Company is taking its localisation drive seriously and already has 63 per cent Americans in its workforce in the US.


Wipro, the Indian IT services company, will be concentrating on hiring more locals in the US, Europe and Australia. It has decided to increase campus hiring in India and adopt the same strategy abroad, of hiring local talent from the campuses there.

American employees make up 63 per cent of Wipro’s workforce in the US. Three years ago they made up only 30 per cent of the workforce there, which clearly shows that Wipro is seriously committed to its localisation drive. The Company is sticking to the same approach for Australia and the UK.

Being cautious with the number of reserve employees, Wipro is relying on the delivery centres in Mexico, Brazil, Romani and Ireland to serve its European and North American clients.

To fulfill the growing demand, Wipro is hiring more employees in India after slowing down hiring in the last two years. It had doubled the number of campus recruits in 2018 as compared to 2017.

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