Googlers can use Work Location Tool to calculate pay for remote work

The remuneration and benefits of Googlers will be adjusted according to the location they decide to work from, depending on how costly or cheap the place is


Google has launched a platform that will allow its employees to calculate how much their pay or earnings will be if they decide to work remotely and relocate to a less expensive or more costly location to do so. The tool, called Work Location Tool, will let workers calculate how their salary will be adjusted according to the location they choose, based on the cost of living of the place and in keeping with the local job market.

In the new hybrid workplace, more employees will have the flexibility to choose where they work from. This tool will help them in making that choice, as they will have a clear idea of how their salaries and benefits will be adjusted according to their location. They can clearly see how their compensations or earnings will change from one location to another.

The Company is sure that once offices start reopening worldwide, about 60 per cent of its 1,40,000-strong global workforce will work from office only for a couple of days in a week, while 20 per cent will shift to new office locations. The remaining 20 per cent will continue to work from home. The time spent in office will be primarily for collaboration. Which team will come in when will be decided on the basis of the work and function. Therefore, depending on the nature of the work, there may be roles that require presence in office for more than three days a week.

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