Facebook all set to achieve diversity goal

The social-media company will have double the number of women in its workforce by 2024.

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Social-media giant, Facebook, will double the percentage of women in its workforce by 2024. The Company will also double the number of Black, Hispanic, Native American and Pacific Island employees in the US. It will try to include more people with multiple ethnicities, those with disabilities as well as veterans. The Company will work towards ensuring that 50 per cent of its staff in the US belongs to under-represented groups.

Presently, women only form about 36.9 per cent of the Company’s workforce, which shows a slight increase from last year’s 36.3 per cent and a big improvement from 2014, when it was 31 per cent.

Only 32.6 per cent of the senior leaders are women right now, but this is an improvement over last year, when women comprised only 30 per cent of the senior leadership. This is because, The Company has been putting in efforts to hire more women and developing and nurturing them for leadership roles.

However, women form only 23 per cent of the technical staff as yet.

The workforce consists of 3.8 per cent Blacks and 5.2 per cent Hispanic people. This is also a slight improvement from 2018, when the figures were 3.5 per cent and 4.9 per cent respectively.

Over the past five years, the number of Black women in the Company’s workforce has increased 25 fold, while the number of Black men has increased tenfold.

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