Windsor Castle needs housekeeping assistant at Rs 18.4 lakh salary

The suitable candidate will be given the required training to excel at this permanent, full-time job


Windsor Castle is looking for a housekeeping assistant (level 2), at a salary of about Rs 18.4 lakh, under the Master of Households Department. Live-in accommodation will be provided, for which salary will be adjusted. All meals and travel expenses are included.

The selected candidate will be required to work full time for five days a week in this permanent position. The responsibilities include cleaning, caring for and maintaining the interiors.

While the presence and services of the staff is mainly required at Windsor Castle or Buckingham Palace, they will be required to work across other residences for up to three months a year.

The structured on-the-job training, over 13 months, promises to give the candidate a strong foundation in housekeeping and hospitality. Once the apprenticeship is completed, the candidate will be fit to be part of the permanent team.

The official website states that experience is not important as long as the candidate is eager to learn, is committed and proactive, and open to taking up challenges. A mentor will be available to help the selected candidate learn on-the-job and settle in.

While a qualification in English and Math is preferred, a successful candidate will be helped to acquire the necessary qualifications to succeed in the role, if she/he does not possess them already.

The apprenticeship position also offers 33 days of paid holiday, including bank holidays.

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