1400 jobs on offer for Porsche’s electric car


These jobs would cover the developing, building and selling of the battery-powered Mission E.

In line with its parent Volkswagen’s (VW) efforts to overcome its emissions scandal, Porsche is planning to develop zero-emission cars. This will boost the number of jobs for its first all-electric model by more than half of the previous targets.

The automobile giant recently revealed that it plans to create about 1,400 jobs to develop, build and sell the battery-powered Mission E, a rival to Tesla’s Model S, that is due to roll off the assembly line at its Zuffenhausen base in 2019.

Porsche has set up a unit specifically to develop mobility concepts and uncover new business areas, for which it is looking to hire another 350 digital experts.

The sports-car brand is spending approx. 1 billion euros ($1.1 billion) on the zero-emission model. It previously targeted more than 1,000 new jobs for the Mission E, at Zuffenhausen, where it is building a new paint shop and assembly line.

Interestingly enough, while Porsche is attracting more than 140,000 job applications every year and tops various employer rankings, the manufacturer still struggles to attract the sort of smart brains also sought after by rival carmakers, suppliers and IT firms.

The 1,400 jobs include 900 production staff, 300 salaried workers and 200 engineers. Porsche also plans to increase the number of apprenticeships to 220, part of an industry-wide recruitment push as automakers compete with the likes of Google and Apple for digital car technology.

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