A hackable digital billboard to recruit techies

The billboard in Bengaluru displays a puzzle that techies are welcome to hack/crack to get a job offer from SOLV.


SOLV, a Bangalore-based startup—a growth platform for SMEs— has come up with a unique way to recruit techies. It has put up the country’s first ever hackable digital billboard in Bengaluru. The billboard displays a puzzle and challenges techies to hack or crack the same. Those who manage to do so, will get a job offer from SOLV.

In addition to a job offer, the digital billboard puzzle challenge, aptly called ‘Hack Your Future ‘, also offers hackers prizes worth Rs 10,000, to be shared among the top five winners each day.

This is a unique way to judge the skills and talent of the aspirants. These live digital billboards are put in the main technology parks of the city.

Interested candidates can hack a hashkey-based puzzle on hackyourfuture.in, which is linked to the digital billboard. The techies who succeed in their attempt to crack the puzzle will not only have their names displayed on the billboard, but also get an opportunity to meet the leadership team of SOLV and be part of the team. The link can also be accessed through SOLV’s LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram pages.

This is a unique opportunity to showcase the skills of techies in real time, as the aspirants can even solve the puzzles on their mobile phones and see their names being displayed on the billboard.

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