First sexual-harassment resolution by UN

UN member states urged to ensure that employers, in all sectors, refrain from any kind of discrimination against women and also focus on women’s empowerment and protection.


A first-of-its-kind resolution on sexual harassment was adopted by the Third Committee of the UN General Assembly recently. It provides a framework for future sexual harassment-related matters.

The resolution urges member states to take a stand against not just sexual harassment, but violence of any kind against women and girls.

As per the resolution, the states have been asked to take necessary steps to handle all the underlying causes and risk factors associated with violence against women. It also emphasises the need to protect the victims of violence and sexual harassment in any form.

As per the resolution, all states should refrain from any discrimination against women and girls that exposes them to exploitation, violence and abuse. It also encourages the states to do everything possible in the area of women’s protection and empowerment.

The UN has called upon its members to adopt relevant measures to ensure that employers, irrespective of sector, are held accountable in situations where they have not adhered to the laws and regulations pertaining to sexual harassment at work.

The resolution also covered sexual harassment and violence in digital contexts, for which it urged the states to ensure that digital technology companies adopt significant and definite steps to eliminate the same.

As per the resolution, the human rights of all women should be protected and promoted; their reproductive health and reproductive rights need to be paid special attention to.

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