KPMG to introduce hybrid work model for UK staff

The Company has consulted all the employees before introducing a flexible work day policy


KPMG, the consultancy firm, has announced flexible and hybrid model work for its 16,000 employees in the UK. The staff will be given an option to work from home for six days every fortnight. PWC also announced some long term changes to its working week by introducing flexible schemes for its employees. Looking at the productivity boost and flexibility that employees are experiencing amidst such changes during the lockdown, KPMG has decided to go for flexible working days. These changes will be implemented from the month of June this year.

KPMG has announced that it will follow a strategy of ‘four-day fortnight’ and will also invest in introducing collaborative spaces and remote-working technology. The Company had consulted its employees in March 2021, before introducing such changes, and many of them expressed the desire to work from home.

After doing an in house survey, KPMG found out that 87 per cent of employees enjoyed working from home as they did not have to spend time on commuting, while 76 per cent enjoyed the flexibility that work- from-home offered them and 65 per cent admitted to a better work-life balance.

The Company has full faith that the employees will be able to design their work days as per their needs and will serve the clients of the Company with full enthusiasm and sincerity.

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