Honda to provide job training to 50,000 in the US

The automaker has joined the White House initiative to give a push to job training in the country.


Honda Motor Company, the Japanese automobile manufacturing company, will sign a pledge to join a White House initiative that aims to increase job training opportunities in the US. The Company is expected to train about 50,000 workers in the next five years.

Google, Toyota, American Airlines, Apple Inc. and General Motors are some of the other big names that are amongst the over 400 organisations that have already signed the pledge to educate and train students and workers in the US.

While Honda has always been committed to training employees, this is probably the first time it is taking on so many trainees and going public with its plans and intentions.

Honda recently revealed that it has manufactured its 20 millionth car, since its launch in 1982.  The Company has a workforce of about about 15,000 employees in Ohio, where almost two-thirds of Honda cars sold in the US are manufactured.

The training facility of Honda will offer hands-on training along with exposure to robotic equipment and virtual reality, which will be employed for many tasks, such as painting of car doors.

Honda will now be amongst the various companies that have formally committed to ensuring that the workforce in the US grows successfully.  It will contribute in the form of 50,000 people equipped with the skills required to take on the jobs of the future.

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