Tatas set to hire Jet Airways’ employees

The conglomerate’s hospitality unit, Taj Mahal Palace, wishes to hire Jet employees as part of its expansion plans.


On a social-media platform, The Taj Mahal Palace, the hospitality unit of the Tata Group, put up a welcoming message to Jet Airways’ employees to be a part of its legacy and heritage. The Taj Mahal Palace is the first from the hospitality sector to hold out a hand to the Jet staff. It currently has 149 properties and plans to add one hotel every month as part of its expansion plans, and is on the lookout for more talent.

Jet employees definitely seem to be fit the bill. After all, skills and expertise of the ground staff of the aviation sector are not very different from that of the hospitality and tourism business.

Taj Mahal Palace has not revealed the exact number of vacancies, but its gesture has certainly been a source of hope and comfort for the employees of Jet who have been rendered jobless.

Jet Airways suspended all flight operations last month, causing its employees to start protesting in public.

Soon flight operators, such as Air India and SpiceJet started hiring Jet employees. Air India set out to hire 250 pilots and crew members. SpiceJet has also hired 1000 Jet Airways’ employees and promised to hire more in the near future. The Tatas followed suit with their aviation joint venture, Vistara, offering jobs. Vistara is planning to hire around 100 pilots and 400 cabin crews, and may even acquire Jet’s planes to support its international operations.

Earlier, the Tatas wanted to acquire Jet Airways but due to the reluctance of Naresh Goyal, the deal never materialised.

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