Will Vistara give 8% pay hike to pilots?

Of late, many pilots have been poached by other airlines.


Come April 2023, and Vistara pilots and cabin crew will enjoy an eight per cent increment in pay. The hike will be added to their base flying allowance or BFA.

The airline has witnessed a surge in demand from flyers post COVID. However, unfortunately, at a time when it needs more hands, quite a few of its pilots have quit and accepted offers from other airlines, primarily from the Gulf.

It is reported that about 30 pilots have put in their papers in the last six months. While the airline denies having lost its pilots and cabin crew to poachers, the news of pay hikes is reportedly true.

According to the airline, the increment is part of the yearly appraisal and has nothing to do with pilots leaving or taking up offers from other airlines.

In fact, the expected merger of Vistara with Air India is anticipated to be a very good move and beneficial for its pilots and crew — numbering around 2,500 — in the long run.

Recently, Air India grabbed headlines with its decision to purchase 220 Boeing aircraft.

Air India’s decision to buy these US-manufactured aircraft will apparently support at least one million jobs across 44 states of the US. More aircraft means more pilots would be required to fly them.

In November 2022, Singapore Airlines (SIA) entered a deal that would see it owning 25.1 per cent of Air India, in a deal involving merger of Vistara and AI. It was reported that SIA was to pump in about $250 million into Air India and the merger is expected to be completed by next year.

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